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Updated: Apr 24, 2020


The World goes through cycles, seasons and periods of significant change. These are like the hands of the clock sweeping across the clock-face. Each passage or sweep is not the same as the previous one. The hour hand or the minute hand sweeping across any numeral on the clock face is not the same phenomenon as when it swept past in the previous time period.

So, our World is experiencing an occurrence which may look similar to a previous occurrence in a different time, but it’s never the same.

Cycles and seasons come and go, but our Lord God remains on the throne.

He said things would come at us, remain for a season, but would surely pass away.(Matt.24:35)

The title of this blog post has been chosen to reflect the nature of the affliction of this season. We are under a Virus attack. The acronym I used is significant because Mankind was created by God to have dominion over the Earth as a representative of the Highest Power. We are ambassadors in the Earth, just as the first Adam was an ambassador in Eden. This affliction will pass and we will learn from it and be stronger for it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Disasters and calamities visit our world periodically and will continue to do so. One thing that is common with these visitations and repetitions is that they usually arrive with more severity when they do. The silver lining in this dark imminence is that Mankind is a survivor. We bring to bear usually, the historical evidence, the research-based facts & data and experiential methodologies of our learned and distinguished community of scholars. We are not here on this planet for windows dressing or as canon-fodder.

We are a people (7.8 Billion strong) with purpose and a destiny. Our destiny is not on the Moon, neither is it on Mars. We were planted on Earth to take dominion and reflect God’s glory, Amen. We are the prime of Creation (Homo sapiens). Wear thinkers, movers and drivers of the machinery of purpose.

We are a vital indigenous resource.

COVID-19 has come, taken its worst shot and it will pass in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen & Amen. As we collectively ‘sail’ through Space on this ‘speck’ of dust, we should not be confused or distracted by illusions.

The Earth with a total mass of 1.3166 x 1025 Ibs or ( 5.9722 ±0.0006) x 1025 Kg rotates around the Sun at a speed of 220Km per second. We maintain an illusory balance without reeling or falling over from the astronomical inertia! To God be the glory. We have been fearfully and wonderfully made. We give all the praise and adoration to the Highest authority in the Universe. The Lord God Almighty, all Wise and full of power!

Our Earthly Governments are constituted to reflect in some fashion or the other, the order which rules the Kosmos (Greek word kosmos means "order" or "arrangement"). An antagonist to order is entropy or the natural tendency to disorder. We need the discipline to maintain kosmos; which is why at the time of this COVID-19 pandemic, irrespective of the color of the flag or the language, authority should reflect the higher kosmos. Our learned scientists and societal leadership should synergize and yield a strength that is both sensible and scientific. All actions have to be tempered by the reason for this season: loving sacrifice.

Our most valuable indigenous resource, Mankind is under siege and we have to look beyond money, stocks, and prestige. For God so loved the World (Mankind, Kosmos) that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believed in Him (the Prince of Peace, Order, Kosmos) should not perish but have eternal life.

It is clear to my mind that the road out of chaos and destruction will lead through junctions of wise choice, obedience, love, and sacrifice. I find these three resonant in the Easter passion. Could there be a lesson staring us in the face which we as a Church are being blind to? Rather than looking at fiscal trends only, let us look at the spiritual battle that that is being waged against this indigenous resource: Homo sapiens. Sapientia (Latin: means thinking, discerning & wise). Homo Sapiens the species we belong to is designed to acquire, adapt and evolve in a Divine ‘economy’ which synergizes all the resources of our World.


Based on what we know, our strengths in this siege revolve around the following:

1) Prevent respiratory droplets by the use of face masks

2) Good handwashing habits

3) Antiseptic wipes e.g. Chlorine or alcohol-based

4) Social distancing

5) Tracking and reporting contacts with suspected sufferers of


6) Testing where appropriate

7) Patience and Compliance with scientific instructions

8) Quarantine where appropriate

9) Stay informed on facts & data, not rumors and misinformation

10) Pray and seek God’s face now and always.

I pray and expect a Bright New Day for our World. Amen.

Dr. Temitope Ogunsakin AADP

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