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NATURE'S PLAYBOOK: The New Paradigm of Wellness

According to Dan Patterson, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. "A huge proportion of the Human immune system is actually in the Gastrointestinal tract."

Whether you are trying to lose weight and it is proving elusive, despite all your efforts, or you battle a chronic condition: BACK2NEW WELLNESS is launching a Master Class that will give you a better way to put together your personalized Wellness strategy based on Wisdom from Nature's Playbook.

With insights into how Nature has wired your Immune System to proactively establish a cascade of defenses that is typical 'You.'

You are a bio-individual: uniquely engineered with 79 organs, ten significant Body systems, and over 50 hormones. And. 37.2 trillion cells. The permutations of these variables yield only one result: You are uniquely and wonderfully created.

BACK2NEW WELLNESS is launching a new master class that will give you a better perspective on Wellness. One that gives you ownership and makes you the Captain of your Ship. With this, you will create your own OWNER'S WELLNESS MANUAL.

Wouldn't you want your own blueprint for Health & Wellness solutions? Instead of a generic prescription at the Doctor's office, it is time to grab a piece of the PIE.

With Nature's plan for your Wellness, our strategy leverages each individual's peculiar natural Immune Nature. No two individuals are the same. So, we can work with select people while creating dynamic plans which fit their profiles. These are custom-generated plans: Email to learn more about the process:


  1. Disease prevention: For example, after a comprehensive Wellness review, risk factors are identified and countered with proactive steps that Clients quickly learn to apply after 3 to 6 months. These are convenient and practical strategies. Some of the topics in focus will be Hypertension, Arthritis, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Disease, Cravings, Obesity & Overweightness, etc.

  2. Dynamic interventions: to ease already occurring chronic illnesses, e.g., Hypertension, stomach issues, wound healing difficulties, Diabetes, obesity, other weight problems, Joint pain, cravings, etc.

  3. Preventive strategies: Practical and convenient lifestyle enhancements.

  4. We will be coaching by leveraging each individual's learning style and using instructional science methodologies.


The Master Class will be through videos and Zoom lectures, followed by chats to reinforce each member's understanding. There will be two tiers. Tier 1 is the basic for a layman's understanding of Nature's Playbook. Tier 2 is for those who want to assemble their Owner's Manual according to Nature's Playbook. Week 3 or 6 will end with an intensive One-on-One one-hour immersion, depending on whichever plan is chosen.

Each participant will have access to downloadable files.

Master Class starts October 1st, 2022.


We at BACK2NEW WELLNESS have as our focus Clientele adult men and women who want to be proactive with their Health and Wellness. Usually, when we are reactive with lab tests, Doctor office visits, or a rush to the Emergency room, a lot of essential time is already wasted. It is equivalent to trying to shut the door to the barn after the horse has escaped.

The BACK2NEW WELLNESS online course teaches a proactive mindset which will help those taking this second module to put together a personal Wellness playbook.

Our acronym PIE describes the strategy:




Grab a piece of the PIE

The course goes live on on October 1st, 2022. Tier 1 lasts three weeks, and Tier 2 lasts three weeks. There is a bonus week in Tier 2 of one week for Q&A. Please see the website for pricing and other details.

RSVP at or to request further information

Temitope Ogunsakin BPharm, MSc ID&T, MSc Higher Ed, PhD

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