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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

WELLU: A Health and Wellness blog by TEMGUN SYNERGY

I have a passion for helping Baby Boomers. This is driven by the simple fact that I belong to that esteemed 'band' and that I have nostalgia for the 60's,70's and 80's. Among many gems of the period, the music was vivid, enamoring and full of clarity. The rhythm was absolutely magical.Speak of Motown!!!

Professionally, I believe that everyone (including the Boomers) needs to stay healthy, alive and well. This is the main reason I am opening up the invitation to read this blog to everyone (Boomers and non-Boomers included).

When a writer decides to write across target-niches, he or she needs to seek a cross-relational set of factors which will link interest, purpose and utility for all concerned. Since we all need Health and Wellness I needed to do a bit of a search for common factors.

My search was predicated on the following question:

" What singular topic or reason is common to the need for Wellness in the Baby Boomer as well as non-Boomer populations?"

Answer: The need to reduce or prevent CHRONIC INFLAMMATION!

This Blog declares the month of March INFLAMMATION EDUCATION MONTH.

For 4 weeks in March we will publish a complete series targeted at providing our readers with practical steps for reducing or preventing chronic inflammation which has been called "the secret epidemic".

If you have not subscribed to our Newsletter yet, please do, so you can receive all four installments and much more.

I am a Life Extension Affiliate and I receive a small commission for any purchase which results from clicking the links through this website. This does not affect your purchase price. Thank you.

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