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  Art & Photography: How Hobbies Can Boost Your Mood

In today's world, it can be tempting to constantly hustle. We're encouraged to have multiple jobs, multiple streams of income, and every second is supposed to be productive. With cell phones, it's especially hard to turn off the outside world and enjoy your hobbies. Given today's stressful world, engaging in hobbies is more important than others. Art & photography are great ways to unwind, and there's no need to monetize your hobbies. It's great to kick back, enjoy completing your art, shop for hobby supplies, and turn off your phone for a while. Let's take a look at how art & photography and other hobbies can give your mental health a kickstart.
* When you engage in creative activities, you're engaging a part of your brain that may not get the chance to work in your day-to-day activities. This can boost your overall mental health and intelligence, making it easier for you to make connections at work.
* You probably spend much of your time staring at a screen. Nothing could be worse for your creativity. Taking some time to engage in art can help your eyes and mind reset.
* Taking time to engage in a hobby gives the brain the break that it needs from boring daily routines. This allows a release of the brain's feel-good chemicals due to doing something you enjoy, rather than the depression that comes with boredom.

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